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we found it in the cupboard...

An illustrated talk presented by tour guide / author Monica Crofton and photographer / author John Ironside on the hidden and un-noticed beauty of Wexford town from a different perspective.

Wexford Maritime Festival 2015

Wexford Town is located on the estuary of the River Slaney, where this beautiful river meets the Irish Sea. A maritime town, the maritime festival not only remember Commodore John Barry, founder of the American Nave who hails from Wexford, but allows all the marine and land based rescue services to show the public what they do and how with live demonstrations and hands on activities.

When the new meets the old

RNLI Lifeboats meet up with an old two master gaff rigged sailing ship at the mouth of the river Slaney in the Irish Sea. The conditions were calm, a whole different perspective to the turbulent conditions that the Irish Sea can dish out.

Wexford's Food Festival 2015

This “Wexford Food Festival” provides a platform for local farmers and food producers to showcase their products and allow the public to sample the quality first hand.

The Soul of Wexford: a town and an estuary where the River Slaney meets the Irish Sea

The people of the town of Wexford and its estuary where the River Slaney meets the Irish Sea, have played a singularly important role in the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of Ireland.

Over 300 Honda Goldwing bikes gather in Wexford...

The romantic sounds of classic motorbike exhausts is heard though the streets and villages of Co Wexford, Ireland as in excess of 300 Honda Goldwing motorbikes visit the south east of Ireland.

Irish National Heritage Park "Gael Agus Gall" weekend

The Irish National Heritage Park is a reconstruction of early Irish life depicting Prehistoric Ireland, Early Christian Ireland and the age of invasion, all encompassed on 35 acres of woodland, wetlands and estuarine topography.

Susie's Orchard

“Susie's Orchard” was originally an orchard at the back of the family farmhouse which belonged to Susie. Susie by all accounts was a generous person with a friendly outgoing personality now better described as an individual from a by gone era of "old" Ireland.
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