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Mount Usher Gardens

I first visited Mount Usher Gardens in early March this year. The trees were leafless, the grounds open as the growth had not yet begun. It was so beautiful. This 22 acre Robinsonian wild Garden is an Arboretum, with trees from all over the world, when planted here by the garden’s founder Edward Walpole began in 1868. The head Gardner, Sean Heffernan told me with great pride that…


Her back is almost broken at the age of 185!

This c185 years old Winter Nelis pear tree, planted in this wonderful Georgian Walled Garden built by the Colclough family in the early 19th Century (1830), is slowly loosing its battle for survival, its weather beaten and broken trunk it now forma a creative natural sculpture and a focus of fascination and a tribute to nature today, still flowering and bearing fruit on its last surviving boughs.

Susie's Orchard

“Susie's Orchard” was originally an orchard at the back of the family farmhouse which belonged to Susie. Susie by all accounts was a generous person with a friendly outgoing personality now better described as an individual from a by gone era of "old" Ireland.

The tranquil "Glenavon Japanese Garden", Co Wexford, Ireland

Glenavon Japanese Garden, a unique place of peace and tranquility, a labour of love for Iris Checkett and a symbol of her affection towards her husband for whom the garden was built but sadly never lived to see its completion.

Colclough Walled Garden

Driving on the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford, I came across Tintern Abbey, a Cistercian Abbey founded by William Marshall, the Earl of Pembroke in c1200. The Abbey was occupied from the 16th Century up to recently by the Colclough Family. Miss Marie Colclough, who lived in the Abbey until the 1960’s, died as recently as 1983.

Kilmokea House and Gardens

Kilmokea House and Gardens. Seven acres of manicured walled area and lush tropical, jungle like woodland, a peaceful experience with a magical touch for all the family.

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