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44th Hot Air Ballon Championships 2014

To see a modern hot air balloon gliding silently across the sky, with the occasional roar of the burners breaking the silence, invokes romantic dreams and a sense of peacefulness so exploited in the many fairy tale stories of our childhood.

Over 300 Honda Goldwing bikes gather in Wexford...

The romantic sounds of classic motorbike exhausts is heard though the streets and villages of Co Wexford, Ireland as in excess of 300 Honda Goldwing motorbikes visit the south east of Ireland.

A Connemara Bog, a 17th Century hill-side village and an amazing Irish Gaelic Cultural project

“Cnoc Suain”, a 17th Century Connemara Clochán, a hillside village situated on a drumlin hill in 200 acres of expansive primordial blanket bogland just 6km outside Spiddle, in an Irish “Gaeltacht” area of Connemara, Co Galway.

Irish National Heritage Park "Gael Agus Gall" weekend

The Irish National Heritage Park is a reconstruction of early Irish life depicting Prehistoric Ireland, Early Christian Ireland and the age of invasion, all encompassed on 35 acres of woodland, wetlands and estuarine topography.

Susie's Orchard

“Susie's Orchard” was originally an orchard at the back of the family farmhouse which belonged to Susie. Susie by all accounts was a generous person with a friendly outgoing personality now better described as an individual from a by gone era of "old" Ireland.

The tranquil "Glenavon Japanese Garden", Co Wexford, Ireland

Glenavon Japanese Garden, a unique place of peace and tranquility, a labour of love for Iris Checkett and a symbol of her affection towards her husband for whom the garden was built but sadly never lived to see its completion.

an island, sheep, wool and an amazingly creative artist.

I was staying in the harbour area of Clare Island, a small island off the coast of Co Mayo, in Ireland, with a population of about 140 people. My accommodation (Seabreeze B&B) was in an elevated position overlooking the harbour. Looking east I could see the mainland of Co Mayo and to the west, Knocknaveen mountain. It’s a nice time of the year as the new grass was budding creating wonderful green hues on the treeless landscapes.

"Pattern Day" on Inishturk Island

It must have been +20ºC, a clear blue sky, the sun was shining and a gentle, cool breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean kept our body heat at a safe level. We were on the hillside below the Community Center on the beautiful island of Inishturk, ten miles off the coast of Co Mayo in the wild Atlantic ocean.
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