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Wexford's Food Festival 2015

This “Wexford Food Festival” provides a platform for local farmers and food producers to showcase their products and allow the public to sample the quality first hand.

Her back is almost broken at the age of 185!

This c185 years old Winter Nelis pear tree, planted in this wonderful Georgian Walled Garden built by the Colclough family in the early 19th Century (1830), is slowly loosing its battle for survival, its weather beaten and broken trunk it now forma a creative natural sculpture and a focus of fascination and a tribute to nature today, still flowering and bearing fruit on its last surviving boughs.

Tory Island, a stark, beautiful, weather beaten silver landscape

This silver landscape of barred rock stripped by the high winds and harsh weather, enhanced by the continuing changes of patterns of light piercing through the clouds of graduated grays, blues and yellows and emerald colour of the Atlantic seas produce an ever changing kaleidoscope with a stark beauty and a great sense of peace

The Vikings in Waterford for the Winterval Christmas Festival

The Vikings of Waterford were out in strength on Sunday when I visited the Winterval Christmas Festival. The Vikings have set up their village in the ruins of the 13th Century Greyfriar’s church in the heart of the Viking Triangle on the eastern side of Waterford City.

The Illumanated Carnival in Weston-s-Mare, England; an increadable spectacle

The Illuminated Carnival is a spectacle of more than 110+ carnival floats and entertainers and is not to be missed. The procession of light and music adds a vibrancy of colour and sound to the evening darkness as the procession travels slowly through the town center over a period of several hours. Some of these floats are up to 100 feet in length and have taken the members all year to design and build.

The Soul of Wexford: a town and an estuary where the River Slaney meets the Irish Sea

The people of the town of Wexford and its estuary where the River Slaney meets the Irish Sea, have played a singularly important role in the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of Ireland.

On the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, South Wales

Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal, a feat of amazing engineering winds its way through the beautiful Brecon Becons, a watery roadway built purposely for the transportation of Iron Ore. Reputed to be one of the most spectacular canals in the UK, the towpath winds its way over 36 miles between Brecon and Cwmbran.

The Viking Triangle, Waterford City, Ireland

Viking stories, buildings dating back to 914, exhibitions and museums, 13th century Franciscan Friary, 18th Century Cathedral, City Hall, restaurants, bars with good food, coffee shops and an amazing atmosphere…. all in the Viking triangle on the east side of this old city. Not forgetting the opportunity on your walk to drop into the Home of Waterford Crystal for a tour of the factory to witness the creation of pieces of this world renowned hand blown, hand cut glassware.
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