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44th Hot Air Ballon Championships 2014

To see a modern hot air balloon gliding silently across the sky, with the occasional roar of the burners breaking the silence, invokes romantic dreams and a sense of peacefulness so exploited in the many fairy tale stories of our childhood.

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John Ironside FRGS
Photographer, Travel Writer, Author

Having spent many years as a professional photographer, I have been privileged to be witness to so many wonderful happenings, meeting so many amazing people all over the world and enjoying their cultures, hospitality and experiences.

Through my travel business, I traveled extensively into Africa, South America, Caribbean and Europe bringing clients into these regions so they could experience the cultures and traditions of the communities, understand better the environment, the value of conservation and the caring of nature through adventure and environmental travel.

Through my photography and travel writing I convey these experiences to others so that they too can enjoy and understand the moments that travel brings with it.

Please feel free to pass on my blog to others that may gain from them.
Thank you.

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