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An illustrated talk presented by tour guide / author Monica Crofton and photographer / author John Ironside on the hidden and un-noticed beauty of Wexford town from a different perspective.

Cliffs of Moher, formed 320 million years ago

If you are visiting Co Clare in Ireland, just south of the Burren on the western seaboard are the Cliffs of Moher. Formed some 320 million years ago, these dramatic cliffs rise straight up from the Atlantic to heights of 700ft (214m) and are home to a variety of cliff nesting birds. The interpretive center presents the evolution of this natural spectacle and the wildlife that live…



The Burren in North County Clare is a limestone wilderness with green grasslands interspersed and divided by a latticework of amazing dry stone walls. Neolithic Dolmens, burial tombs of the wealthy, once covered with soil and now laid bare as the ice movements across the land cleared away the soil now stand as mysterious monuments to the past inhabitants of this region.

Mount Usher Gardens

I first visited Mount Usher Gardens in early March this year. The trees were leafless, the grounds open as the growth had not yet begun. It was so beautiful. This 22 acre Robinsonian wild Garden is an Arboretum, with trees from all over the world, when planted here by the garden’s founder Edward Walpole began in 1868. The head Gardner, Sean Heffernan told me with great pride that…


Blood Moon over Hook Lighthouse

With a few months to my 70th birthday, the full lunar eclipse was predicted to occur on the 17th September 2015. As there is a fair chance I won't be around for the next in 18 years time! I really wanted to experience this wonderful event.

"Florence" is christened and launched in Rosslare Harbour

At 73 years young, Ron decided to take on a boat building project which he completed in a bit under a year and a half. The project was to build a Keel Bottom Wooden “Clinker” boat using traditional methods of wooden planking and copper rivets.

Wexford Maritime Festival 2015

Wexford Town is located on the estuary of the River Slaney, where this beautiful river meets the Irish Sea. A maritime town, the maritime festival not only remember Commodore John Barry, founder of the American Nave who hails from Wexford, but allows all the marine and land based rescue services to show the public what they do and how with live demonstrations and hands on activities.

When the new meets the old

RNLI Lifeboats meet up with an old two master gaff rigged sailing ship at the mouth of the river Slaney in the Irish Sea. The conditions were calm, a whole different perspective to the turbulent conditions that the Irish Sea can dish out.
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